Beach vibe at Biergarten

When you grow up in The Hague, you are used to having the beach around the corner. This makes it more than normal in the summer to hop on your bike after work, drive into the dunes and see the sun go in the sea with a beer in your hand.

This was the first thing I was afraid to miss when I moved to Rotterdam. Because the vibe of the beach and the beach bars is something that is not easy to mimic in a bar or on the streets. Fortunately there is one place that managed to create the perfect beach bar vibe in the middle of the city: Biergarten. On an old parking lot of all places.

Behind BAR and the old Hollywood (now ‘Annabel’, but I’ll tell you about this some other time) is an old parking lot next to the train tracks. A desolate place; until Biergarten settled here. Now this desolate place is THE place to be in the sunny seasons.

Every spring and summer, for 5 years now, the whole of Rotterdam gathers here to have an after work beer. They have multiple bars where you get big pints of beer and a grill for your burgers and fries.

If you want to experience the real Rotterdam, this is a good place to start.

Oh and p.s.: since this year they are also open during te day!

You can find Biergarten on the parking lot of the Schiestraat.


photo credit: made with my phone on the seasonal opening 2 weekends ago. Don’t worry, it’s not always this busy. 

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