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Vietnamese street food at District A

Last weekend my love and I went to the movies on Sunday afternoon like a couple of grannies. When the movie was finished we were really hungry so we decided to get an early dinner. We wanted something easy and fast food like but not too unhealthy. The perfect food for this kind of mood is Vietnamese street food from District A.

District A is a little place right that sells the most delicious Pho soups, spring rolls and Vietnamese baguettes, all family recipes. It’s modernly decorated with steel chairs, a bar en gloomy light bulbs above the tables.


It’s right in the center of Rotterdam so perfect when you had a long day shopping or want to grab a quick but tasty lunch while sale hunting. Make sure to taste the Bao’s (the little steamed rolls), they’re amazing!

You can find District A on Aert van Nesstraat 22


photo credits: top from my iphone, last from District A facebook page 

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