Little V spring rolls

Little V(ietnam) in Rotterdam

Last weekend my boyfriend and I celebrated our three-year anniversary with a night out on the town. It was Museumnacht (a night when all the big museums and galleries are open) so there was enough to do but first we needed some fuel in the shape of food. Luckily my love and I have the same taste in cuisine so he made a reservation at Little V.

Little V interior

Little V is a Vietnamese restaurant that I already knew from their location in The Hague (little tip for you there), but the one in Rotterdam is my favorite. They recently went through a major renovation because they expanded to the next building and the results are stunning.

The whole restaurant is decorated in an authentic Vietnamese way but with a raw and modern twist. There are plants and dim lights everywhere, interspersed with bamboo baskets and Saigon beer crates. It has a semi open kitchen so above all the chatter from the guests you hear the chaotic sounds of a professional kitchen. It has all the elements I love.

Little V chef's menu

Of course also the food is delicious. We decided to start with some cocktails and spring rolls, followed up by the chef’s menu. A great choice because we got more than we could eat and every course was super fresh and yummy. Little V is not your tipical cheap to go restaurant, but it’s definitely worth your penny.

Make sure when you eat here to finish with a Vietnamese slow coffee. The Vietnamese have their own slow drip technique with this cute little coffee maker that they put on your cup. In the cup is a layer of condensed milk and when the drip is finished you stir the coffee in the condensed milk. It’s the richest taste you can imagine.

You can find Little V on Grote Kerkplein 109.


photo credits: all made with my iphone this weekend.

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