Picking wild flowers at Niche flowershop

I have an absolute interior fetish and I love dressing up my home more than dressing up myself. A big part of having a perfect interior is greens. With just moving in to a shiny new home this is the first thing you’ll notice. Don’t think you are done with just the right furniture, it just feels naked without plants and some flowers.

For that last item I luckily found the perfect shop just around the corner: Niche. Niche is a small flower shop on the Nieuwe Binnenweg that doesn’t sell your typical bouquets. In fact, in the shop you can’t find any pre-made bouquets at all. What you do find is a very big table with buckets full of all kinds of flowers and leaves to make these great bouquets that look like you just spend the day running in the fields. The owner will help you make a nice selection.


Apart from flowers Niche also sells vases and other flower-related products from different Dutch labels. Make sure to browse through the full collection of beautiful postcards for some colourful souvenirs.

IMG_1646 (1)

Also want to master the art of flower arranging? At Niche you can follow a flower arranging course on Thursday nights each month! Visit for more information or to order a bouquet for a special occasion.

Find Niche on the Nieuwe Binnenweg 235


Photo credits from top to bottom: Top photo from the Niche website,  last two made with my phone

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