Watch sports in style at Panenka

Want to watch sports in style or do you have the kind of friends who rather watch the game instead of going out for a drink with you? Oh boy do I have the place for you…

Panenka is a sports bar that opened last year on the Eendrachtsweg. Panenka isn’t just your typical sports bar. Sure they have the big screens and the beer, but they also have one of the best styled interiors if you ask me.


The bar has two floors in a beautiful old building which they restored perfectly. The ceilings are brought back to their original state with these amazing ornaments and with the classic wooden floors the whole bar feels really authentic.

Instead of using posters and club scarfs to establish the sports bar vibe, Panenka decorated the place with big black and white photo’s of sports legends, old fashioned boxing gloves and soccer shoes from another time.


Upstairs is an amazing wooden bar with high chairs en little tables and in the front they built a wooden tribune where you can watch the game on a big screen with enough friends and strangers. Want a more private setting? Reserve the Jupiler skybox with some friends and enjoy the game with a private bar and good food. 

But to be honest, even if you’re not in to sports you should really have a drink here some time.


You can find Panenka on Eendrachtsweg 25

photo credits: all made with my phone

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