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I’m obsessed with food, but really obsessed. In my mind I’m always busy thinking about what to eat next. It’s not only the food itself but also the whole process of making it. Getting inspiration in cookbooks, blogs and restaurants, cooking it, smelling and tasting it is equally important. When you’re a ‘foodie’ (hate that term) like me, you like to eat in restaurants that serve dishes that are new and inspiring or exotic to you. One of those restaurants is Dertien.

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Dertien (‘Thirteen’ in English) is a restaurant that only cooks with products that are in season. They know all their suppliers personally and let the harvest decide what dishes make the menu, thereby changing it constantly.

The chefs of Dertien love to cook with older techniques like fermenting or smoking and combining it with something totally new. The few times that I’ve eaten here I was surprised at every course about a certain technique, ingredient or presentation. That they always have a nice wine to combine with these courses is also a big plus. The staff loves to help you make a choice.

But not only the food makes Dertien a great place to eat, it’s the total concept. The plating of the dishes makes you feel like you’re in a Michelin restaurant and the decoration is romantic, but the atmosphere is very relax. I think the main reason for this atmosphere is the menu or the lack thereof. Because it’s constantly changing, the only menu there is is on a giant wall above the bar where the staff ‘spells out’ the menu with little wooden boards. Guests occasionally have to stand up to see what they want for dinner or dessert.

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Despite the amazing food and plating, the prizes are friendly. You also don’t have to make reservations, if you want you can just drop by. No table available yet? Take a seat at the beautiful bar and enjoy some amuses while you wait. Dertien is located around the corner from de Witte de With street, making it a perfect dinner location if you want to hit the town later.

You can find Dertien on the Schiedamsevest no. 13


photo credits from top to bottom: Dertien website, 2nd and 3rd made with my iphone, last two from Dertien website

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