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Art Deco and burgers at Sijf

I’m probably not the first to tell you this, but the city center of Rotterdam is not necessarily a hotspot. Rotterdam is the kind of city where all the great stuff takes place around the center and the center itself is just one big shopping mall, a bit like Berlin. But fortunately there are still some great spots between all these dime a dozen stores. One of these spots is Sijf, an old brown pub in a corner building on de Oude Binnenweg.


This corner building is great to see between all the fluorescent lighting because it’s totally in the old Art Deco style. When you walk inside you instantly get this warm and cozy pub-vibe, but when you look further you see that the interior is also in that beautiful style.


With more that a 100 beers to choose from and a typical pub atmosphere I didn’t expect too much about the food, but I was wrong. Apart from being a cosy pub, Sijf is also a great place to eat. The menu is what you expect, with traditional dishes like steak and (unlimited!) fries or pulled pork, but it’s all really well made. We sat at this cute little table on a balcony overseeing the whole café and even the wait staff was really polite and nice. I would say Sijf is a great place to have a beer with friends, but also perfect for a romantic dinner with your loved one. Visit to see the complete menu and make a reservation.

Find Sijf on the Oude Binnenweg 115


Photo credits from top to bottom: All from the Sijf website

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