Food that is good for you at Spirit

If you are a vegetarian of vegan, Spirit is the place for you. This restaurant is set-up in the Groene Passage, a ‘green’ shopping mall with solely human-, environment- and animal friendly stores.  You can only eat vegetarian dishes here, but even if you are a true meat-eater you won’t be disappointed.


The fun thing about Spirit is that it’s not a traditional restaurant. They have a huge ‘salad’ bar where you can fill your plate with the most delicious foods, with flavors from all over the world. When you think you have enough, you walk to the counter where they will put your plate on a scale and tell you the price based on the weight of your plate. And trust me, it’s not expensive.


Especially when you realize that everything you put in your mouth at Spirit is day fresh and 100% organic.  Don’t forget to go for a second round for dessert and coffee, their cakes and pies are amazing.

You can find Spirit at the Mariniersweg 9


photo credit: all images from their website 

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