Tapas and live jazz at vintage bar LaBru

One of my most fun nights in Rotterdam was in LaBru. It was exactly three years ago when I came here for the first time and met the love of my life. We were set up so it was super awkward at first, but soon enough we both had enough cocktails to speak freely and we ended up having the time of our lives.

This vintage café has a kind of Berlin-feel to it and is a great spot to meet up with friends to drink cocktails, eat tapas and listen to live jazz music. The whole place is decorated with vintage furnishings and and old piano in the corner. Sofas and lounge chairs all form these separate area’s where you can sit down and have a good conversation with your friends. It kind of feels like the common room you find in a student house. So it’s perfect when you feel like going out with your friends but don’t want to be in these loud places where you can’t have a normal conversation.


You can either start your night at LaBru by ordering tapas and some Spanish wine to get in the mood, or you can drop in later at night when the bar is filled up with nightlife crowd, lots of chatter and good music in the background. They have super friendly bartenders who love to tell you about their extensive menu of cocktails.

In short: a great place for a Rotterdam night.

Find LaBru on the Hartmansstraat

Photo credits from top to bottom: top photo from the LaBru facebook page, second photo from my iphone

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